Thursday, November 14, 2013

hello fall!

 hey there! here I am posting sporadically again! we are at the tail end of soccer season and things should wind down for just a day or two until we gear up for holiday activities! the above picture is from picture day.
 started on a holiday card
 a birthday card for Brandon
 yeti set....will most likely give this away
 made my own snack mix to give away to the teacher and office staff for Halloween. decorated target dollar spot treat cups and made tags
these were for bryan's classmates for Halloween treats to pass out.
well, that's it for now. more picture & projects soon! thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

fall wreath

 I made a new wreath to dress up my front door. I gathered all the supplies ahead of time. then spent a morning making this with a friend while our boys were in school. it was a very good morning having iced tea, chatting away while sitting outdoors in beautiful weather. we even had time for lunch!
so we both have new fall wreaths  for our door! 

 I was asked to make a card for someone who works at our school who was getting married. she needed it the same day so I came up with this very quick card.
my Mondays are often spent hiking on one of the many beautiful trails we have around us. I go with a friend (never go alone!) and we do anywhere from 4-5 miles. definitely a workout and a challenge!
another challenge is figuring out what to pack the boys for lunch. they don't like sandwiches so finger foods seem to be working. i'd love any suggestions!
 here is something I can eat often! poke and chowder!
 another fun project to give to friend who is under the weather. I tell you.....if you take Emergen-C at the first sign of thinking you're getting sick, it helps!! trust me! ;)
skittles help too!
thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


this is a card I made for hubby to celebrate our anniversary.....14 years!! journal card, washi tape and a quick stamping of the S&P (from lawn fawn) for a quick and easy card.

linking this to a challenge here. TFL!

Monday, September 23, 2013

hello yellow

 I was going through my photo files and yellow jumped out at me and thought i'd do another random post. the theme---yellow of course!

 farmer's market

a few cards experimenting with water color pencils
pictures from the OC Fair this past summer. it's a must for the boys!
Cornelius the corn & yellow bumper car

 hubby won tickets to the fair so we couldn't pass up another chance to go on the last day! and bonus---the free passes included a minion. at first, we thought it was a little plush minion but we were all surprised when they handed us this ginormous minion! the boys were super excited!

 it barely fit in my trunk!!!
a touch of yellow on a simple birthday card that required no stamping on my part.
Brandon in yellow. can't believe he's a 4th grader now!
sharpened 60 no.2 Ticonderoga pencils for the boys back-to-school supplies. all I have to say is the electric pencil sharpener rocks! a good investment!
bryan at the DDS. I was very proud he didn't need to be strapped down like his previous visit LOL!! both boys-----NO CAVITIES!

can you see what these are? lego mini figures!
I had an abundant amount of zucchini  flowers this year but only one zucchini. all the other ones turned out to be duds. I heard you can eat the flowers. has anyone ever tried?
a card for a friend who had a baby girl
sand molds for bryan's end of the year gifts to his classmates
did a mud run to kick off summer. the race bib was much more yellow before the run!
[and believe it or not, I salvaged those shoes]
what color should I do next? ;)

Monday, September 16, 2013


hello! I made this card below for a friend who was visiting California from Canada. some of you know I frequent starbucks often and I always hate to throw the coffee cup sleeve away. so I recycle it. I used my tag die to die cut a tag out of it. I saw the 'panama' card while waiting for my drink one day. it was so pretty and I knew I could incorporate it into a card. (the back of the card has info on the coffee itself) just a little unusual and a different looking card. :)

I go running with 2 other moms at 5:30am once in a while and we go on our 'starbucks run'. we park at a starbucks, run and when we're done, we go get a drink. an incentive to run hard! this is what I saw one morning at the starbucks. loving the minion chalk art!
 you won't believe how many times my name gets screwed up! this one was right.
(I used a beautiful mess app to fill it in correctly! LOL)

yoda chalk art

when I was in Hawaii back in april, I picked this up as my souvenir. I have acquired a couple more since. it's starbucks 'you are here' collection. it's a nice sized mug and everything seems to taste better in it! ;)
what is YOUR favorite drink?
thanks for stopping by. and sorry for the randomness of this post!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kelly Marie's birthday party blog hop

happy birthday Kelly!!
honored to be a part of this blog hop! you're at the right place if you came from the blog of my good friend,  nancy here.

of course I used all lawn fawn on this card for Kelly! even added a party hat!
supplies used:
into the woods, so much to say, hats off to you, dewey decimal, say cheese (die), lawn trimmings. (all lawn fawn)

I had the pleasure of helping at winter CHA 2012 in the lawn fawn booth. my first time and it was so much fun!
 the lawn fawn crew 2012

here was this past winter CHA 2013

thank you kelly for letting be a fawnie and including me in all things lawn fawn fun! one of the nicest people around and super kind & sweet! kelly & mike work extremely hard along with Erica and the success of lawn fawn is a reflection of that!

lastly, i would like to think this paper is named for me! ;) [picture hijacked at LFHQ while at work]

the next stop is the very talented cheiron here. if you want to start from the beginning of this party hop, go to the lawn fawn blog for the complete list! TFL! have a great day!

when i should be sleeping